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 Picture a Conversation™

offers you

A conversation experience like no other.

Share your wisdom.  Build loving connections. Listen and be heard. 

Wednesday November 14

10:30 a.m.. — 11:30 p.m.


36 Mystics Jewish Discovery Center

361 East Maple Road   Birmingham


“I participated in one of Debra’s conversation events and learned more about people I hardly knew than some I’ve known for years. Her conversation cards jump-start real connection in a meaningful way. I’m all in!” Fran B.

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*Participants receive a set of Picture a Conversation to use and keep. If you are attending with your child (age 12 and up) feel free to order a single set to use together. If you’ve attended a prior conversation event, bring your cards, no charge for the event!

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“The Sky’s the Limit” is one of twenty-five different cards featuring a photo and theme-quote on the front and three conversation-sparking questions on the reverse.

With 25 themes, 75 questions, and instructions, each set of Picture a Conversation presents endless possibilities for meaningful connection.

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