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Image First

Darvick-Hydrangeas-FenceNo one will ever figure out which came first, the chicken or the egg.  But at Picture a Conversation, it’s always image first, words second.  I mine Martin’s trove of photographs from our travels until one stops me in my tracks and speaks to me about our relationships. Or our troubles. And our triumphs.

Occasionally, I’ll see a flash of something that gets my thoughts tumbling and a theme begins to emerge. Can Martin frame the visual flash into an artful photograph that I can work with?  Our partnership is really about translation. Martin’s images speak to my heart.  How do I translate, in as few a words as possible, what my heart heard?

We were walking in the neighborhood and came across this bright white fence with a handful of hydrangeas peeking through. I loved the sweet simplicity of pink and white and realized the buds had to have breached the fence slats before blossoming. My thoughts began seeking  a theme. Break free from the crowd….Sometimes life calls on us to push through to the other side. Maybe, Find your place in the sunlight. Or Sometimes the only way to blossom is away from the crowd.

“Can you get a good photo of this?” I asked Martin. Our rule is that every photo has to stand on its own as a great image. I don’t know if this one will make the grade, but I wanted to try just the same.  So he took a few shots from a lot of angles, and I snapped a few as well.

If we do decide to use it as a prompt, next comes writing the questions that will spark meaningful conversations our concept is known for.  Recall a time when you had to make a radical change to blossom. How did you feel leaving others behind? What did you discover on the “other side of the fence” as it were? Did you find your place in the sun? 

Or what about now? Leave a comment and start the conversation. Add another to join it. Or share this post and start a face-to-face conversation on your own.

Until next time……

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