Give a Set

What do you give the person who’s got it all?
Or the friend for her next dinner party?
What do you choose when you can’t get to the mall?
Or are looking for something real arty?

Your kid only talks in one-word replies,
your spouse can’t manage much more.
You need a gift for your dad. NO neckties!
And creating an ice-breaker’s a chore.

Picture a Conversation’s the perfect gift,
the lift to your next girls’ night out.
These cards can bring peace when there’s been a rift
or your relationship’s hit a small drought…

We’ve made these with love and the heartfelt desire
to get folks talking and sharing,
the way it once was ‘round an old campfire.
Conversation’s the heart of true caring.

Picture a Conversation makes a great gift and we also want to gift a set to non-profit organizations dedicated to building bridges though honest and heartfelt conversations. Have a favorite cause?

Let us know more by email at and we will add it to our Picture a Conversation for good list

These organizations have received a Picture a ConversationTM:

Mary’s Mantle, Michigan   URL:

The WellHouse, Alabama  URL:

Freedom House Michigan  URL:

S.O.U.L, Michigan   URL: