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WHY –– Technology’s great but simply cannot match the benefits of face-to-face conversations. Period. 

WHO –– Friends. Families. Spouses. Therapists. Teachers. Anyone. Everyone. Age appropriate for 8 – 108. 

HOW –– Our concept stands alone — gorgeous images and intelligent quotes on the front; fabulous questions on the reverse. Each image ignites your sense of wonder. Each quote sparks the memory of an experience. The questions inspire fabulous sharing in a ground-breaking way. Voila! Conversations you never would have had otherwise are now yours. 

WHEN –– Now! Order your set of Picture a Conversation. It’s time to re-connect. Exuberantly.  Gratefully. Meaningfully.

Text less. Talk more.  Get your set now.

Includes: 25 conversation cards (representing 75+ questions, instructions for use).

Here’s just one example of what’s in store for you. Imagine the possibilities!