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This set of 25 cards opens the door to meaningful face-to-face conversations — no screens, no devices, no iPads or e-anything. Each Picture a Conversation card features a stunning nature image paired with a quote. On the reverse side, three questions invite you to share your experiences and your wisdom.

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by Kelly Flanagan, Licensed Clinical Psychologist on PICTURE A CONVERSATION

With these decks, you’re not just getting a set of conversation starters, you’re getting a set of memories waiting to happen, as well. They are not only beautiful, they are also carefully designed to promote the rare kinds of conversations that are the perfect mix of fun and intimacy. When you can gather together with friends and family to laugh together about the complicated and tender parts of your story, you’ve found true belonging. These cards are a shortcut to that kind of connection. And with the visual cues as reminders of your time together, you won’t easily forget these exceptional moments.

I absolutely love these cards! The blend of beautiful art and thoughtful questions is the perfect combination. In this digital age, it's not just kids who are glued to their screen - adults are too. As a society, we are losing the art of personal connection. Let the conversations flow!


Cards are magic, will surely bring deeper connection, meaning, and purpose into any relationship.

I purchased these cards and kept them in the car to be used while driving around with my daughters or possibly when we go somewhere (restaurant, etc). We were on a long drive and my 12 year old pulled out the cards. We had so many meaningful conversations. I have always been close to my children and we talk a lot. These cards have enhanced our conversations by guiding us into thoughts and feelings of discussion that we have not previously explored. The pictures are fabulous - I only wish there were a note somewhere on the cards regarding the location of the photographs. I think it would be wonderful to travel to some of these locations and use the cards. So happy I made this purchase!!!


I am delighted with these cards and plan to use them as a new tool with my middle-schoolers. Carol B., speech pathologist.


Just wanted you to know I received the cards, and they're just exquisite! They just send me into a different world! And of course, your brilliant mind comes up with just what to say, just what to ask, in such a beautiful way. They are a striking addition to a world so badly needing meaningful conversation. And I like all the suggestions of where to use them too. It would be a great tool for women's or men's (or mixed) groups, just like book groups. I'm sure you could spend an hour or 2 just using 1 card.

by Grant G., family practice physician on PICTURE A CONVERSATION

“Like it a lot…would be nifty to use for groups new to each other.”

I used these cards with my friend Pam, who I've been close friends with since our 20s. We're now both in our 60s. It led to a deep conversation about events that happened long ago, our perception of them at the time, and how we look back now. We were able to see patterns of behavior and relationship with one another that we hadn't seen before. The questions focused our discussion, and I learned things about my friend that I hadn't known---and vice versa. It brought us closer, and we intend to discuss more questions, including her husband, as well. The photographs were also beautiful, and added to our appreciation!

What a simple and great idea. Throw out those smart phones (at least for an hour or two). Everything about the cards is positive. The photos and copy just seem right. This is a collaboration of love.

by Dr. Julie Mariott on PICTURE A CONVERSATION

"This is a beautiful set of cards. I used them just last night while counselinga married couple who struggle with communication! Personally, I enjoy nature so your cards are a perfect tool for me to use while helping others."Dr. Julie Mariott, Ed.D., LPC, NCC.

by Claire H., therapist on PICTURE A CONVERSATION

I used PICTURE A CONVERSATION cards at the shelter for homeless pregnant women where I work. The young women, suspicious of therapeutic intervention, are usually hesitant to participate in structured conversation. I spread the cards out and told the women my friend was looking for opinions. Could they help by looking them over? I learned a lot about the young women just by watching and listening as they selected particular cards, swapped them around and chatted with each other. The images stimulated responses, their responses became ideas and thoughts, which led to spoken words and thus, great spontaneous conversations came about.

by Ginger B. Wiechers, Counselor, Life Coach on PICTURE A CONVERSATION

In a world that has become busy, rushed and often impersonal, I feel that we all would benefit from more conversations and more connections to nature. PICTURE A CONVERSATION is a beautiful pleasure and tool for returning to ourselves and to each other.

by Stacy Niskar Bishop, owner of Home Life Center on PICTURE A CONVERSATION

In this ultra-fast paced life, face-to-face communication grows more challenging every day. Making the most of our precious and limited family time, Picture a Conversation cards let us experience unique and deep connections with one another. There was so much to enjoy: beautiful visions of nature, thought-provoking questions and answers, eye contact, laughter, parent-child-sibling-interaction. There are SO many ways I used these amazing cards. They offer so many gifts to anyone and everyone!


This product is amazing! The quality of the visual images, the fit of the quotes that are paired with nature, and the questions that stimulate creative and insightful thinking to open up communication are priceless. What an innovation! Broadly applicable!

by Brenda Strausz, psychotherapist on PICTURE A CONVERSATION

Using the cards allowed me to think about and express thoughts and feelings that I hadn’t accessed in a long time. In this busy world, we don’t connect with our heart and soul often enough. I truly enjoyed getting to know myself and others in the group on a deeper level. These are the conversations that my soul has been longing for. Thank you, Debra, for this terrific idea.