How Picture a Conversation™ Came About


Debra Darvick has made it her mission to inspire people to recalibrate their relationships through face-to-face conversations.

A journalist and author by profession, Darvick created Picture a Conversation, an    innovative    set    of   conversation    prompts   whose topics are inspired by her husband’s gorgeous nature photographs. Using those nature images to inspire conversation topics makes this set  a  stand   out   in   the   genre.

The front of each card features an image and a reflection on life’s challenges, situations, and blessings. On the reverse, three questions invite meaningful discussion on a specific theme tied to the image and the reflection.  For instance, an image of a butterfly hovering above a zinnia is accompanied by the phrase, “The moment is yours. Take flight!” Flip the card over to discuss take flight moments in your life and more. A card showing a grouchy monkey invites a conversation dealing with crankiness — others’ and our own.  

Darvick field tested Picture a Conversation with women’s groups and families, in faith communities and with family and couples therapists.  The images made for a gentle “entry” into conversations.  By enjoying a beautiful scene first, participants were in a more receptive and self-reflective state of mind as they began to talk about what mattered to them in life. 

Each set of Picture a Conversation contains 25 cards featuring 25 different images and topics and seventy-five questions. In addition to sparking valuable conversations, the cards are great journalling prompts, public speaking topics and meditation themes.  They take family dinners from dull to dynamic.  In social situations they’re unbeatable for ice breakers, team-building endeavors, and community discussions where the goal is to build bridges across seeming divides. 

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Picture A Conversation - 25 Cards