How Picture a Conversation™ Came About


Funny how a pandemic can change your original mission.  I conceived of Picture a Conversation as a gentle way to recapture the delight of face-to-face conversations.  Before FaceTime came onto the screen, such conversations thrived.

Screens are now our lifeline. I never imagined a time (did any of us?) when face-to-face could be a risk. No matter what, Corona hasn’t changed the value of having a deep and meaningful conversation.  And that’s the essence, purpose and beauty of these Cards.

I’m the wordsmith. My husband’s photographs make the magic. The front of each card features one of his images and an observation. On the reverse, three questions spark great chats, meaningful exchanges and whatever else is on your mind.  

PaC’s approach to conversations — letting the image lead — allows you to enjoy a beautiful moment of Nature before you begin speaking and listening. Connected to Nature, you also connect with the visual and intuitive side of your brain. It is from this  receptive and self-reflective state of mind that you and your conversation partner(s) begin to learn and share.  

Each set of Picture a Conversation contains 25 cards featuring 25 different images and topics and seventy-five questions. In addition to sparking valuable and healing conversations, the cards make great journalling prompts, and meditation themes.  Balance the Corona-chaos with a great conversation.                          Order your set here.


Picture A Conversation - 25 Cards