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Picture a Conversation

It’s scientific truth — those who enjoy face-to-face conversations live longer healthier lives. Each Picture a Conversation™ card is an opportunity to connect with another human being in a creative and meaningful way. Rediscover the delight of spending screen-free time friends, loved ones, and co-workers. Enrich your life once again through the simple and beautiful act of talking together.

The photo and quote on the front of each Picture a Conversation card set the theme for the three questions on the reverse. Mindfulness, life balance, achieving dreams, handling cranky people (!) are just some of the topics awaiting your exploration and delight.

WHY –– Technology’s great but simply cannot match the benefits of face-to-face conversations. Period.

WHO –– Friends. Families. Spouses. Therapists. Teachers. Anyone. Everyone. Age appropriate for 8 – 108.

HOW –– Our concept stands alone — gorgeous images and intelligent quotes on the front; fabulous questions on the reverse. Each image ignites your sense of wonder. Each quote sparks the memory of an experience. The questions inspire fabulous sharing in a ground-breaking way. Voila! Conversations you never would have had otherwise are now yours.

WHEN –– Now! Order your set of Picture a Conversation. It’s time to re-connect. Exuberantly.  Gratefully. Meaningfully.

Includes: 25 conversation cards (representing 75+ questions, instructions for use).

Text less. Talk more.  Get your set now.