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Picture a Conversation

Today's social distancing makes face-to-face conversations all the more important. Whether your face-to-face is screen-to-screen or under the same roof, meaningful conversations restore calm in an anxious time. Picture a Conversation™ can lead you to that much-needed calm and more. This set of prompts will open the door to deeper learning, sharing, and connecting. Mindfulness, life balance, achieving dreams, handling cranky people (!) are just some of the topics awaiting your exploration and delight.

WHY –– Physical isolation doesn’t have to mean human isolation.

WHO –– Anyone you are missing!

HOW –– Gorgeous nature image & quote on the front of each card. Three provocative questions on the back.  Put it all together and you can’t help but have life-altering conversations.

WHEN ––  How about now?

Includes: 25 cards (75+ questions) and instructions.

Get your set here.